Storytelling with Maps

Goethe's Frankfurt

"Poetry and Truth"

Stories are manifold expressions of human life.

Use the creative potential of interactive maps to tell yours.

Atlas der Wahren Namen

Atlas of True Names

Our classic - an etymological map

Atlas der Sprichwörtlichen Ortsnamen

Atlas of Proverbial Placenames

"Rome wasn't built in a day!"

Die Stadt als Organismus

The City as an Organism

Observations on Self-Similarity

Bettina von Arnim

 From Berlin to Wiepersdorf Castle

Historical way into the Heart of Hamburg

From Millerntor to Hammaburg

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Map Design

Map Journalism

Geo Visualisation

Interactive Cartograhpy

Geographic Information Systems

Atlas der 999 Seltsamen Ortsnamen

Atlas of 999 Strange Place Names

A strange trip through Germany