Maps that tell (hi)stories

Our motto: All events on earth have a geographic reference and can therefore be depicted on a map.

Even the most complex interdependencies (with historical roots) can be easily explained with storymaps*.

Time travel | reconstructions | language areas | developments | life paths | spatial identities

Based on geographic information systems and interactive web maps, we design and develop individual solutions for knowledge transfer, presentations, publications, lectures and analyses for research and educational institutions, public authorities and museums, among others.

Interactive examples

Orient Express

King of Trains - Train of Kings

Die Stadt als Organismus

The Darn Graveyard

Outside, devoured, vanished

Cartographic Time Machine

with targeted accuracy of 10 m

Hannibal ad portas!

Rome vs. Carthage

Die Stadt als Organismus

Atlas of True Names

An etymological map series

Cab to Kreuzberg A journey through the Berlin Wall era

The Silk Road (project)

On the tracks of Marco Polo

Die Stadt als Organismus

The City as an Organism

Observations on Self-Similarity

Regardless of the project scope, we have developed concepts for fast and cost-effective implementation. Get in touch with us.

Time schedule & costs

fast, cost-effective realisation

Concept "10 weeks"

max. processing time 10 weeks

"Four-digit" concept

1000 $ to max. 9999 $ + VAT

Special and unusual map themes continually inspire us to push the boundaries of cartography.

Highly accurate and detailed city maps

Exceptional topics

Contract works (selection)

Digital restoration and georeferencing of historical maps


Map Journalism

• Research
• Editorial

• Word

• Image

Geo Information Systems

• Geodata Management
• Georeferencing

• Attribution

• Data dimension: 0D - 4D

Web Mapping

• ESRI - ArcGis Online, Story Maps


• Geographic Imager

• QGis

Data quality

• Completeness, consistency
• positional accuracy
• temporal accuracy

• thematic accuracy


• Time travel, epochs, incidents
• Reconstructions, developments

• Life paths, tours

• Perspectives, places of memory

ESRI vs. free software

• incomparable possibilities

 • no programming effort
• Comprehensive service & advice

• positive cost-benefit analysis

PRESS REVIEWS (selection)

(* Storymaps are compilations of multimedia-enhanced interactive maps that can be played like a film by scrolling at a speed of your choice.
They use a responsive web design that adapts to the size of the respective end device. Increasing screen size optimises performance.)