Map of the Hanseatic League

The official map of the Association of Towns "Die Hanse" in a classy antique style

At a glance, one can see the full extent of the League’s trading operations between Bergen, Lisbon, London and Novgorod, its affiliated cities, trading stations (kontors) and branches and the dense network of trade routes which linked them by land and by sea.
There is also a great deal of information on the commodities traded by the respective cities and the source of these goods.

A representation of the most important events in the Hanseatic League’s history is also provided alongside a brief chronology

• Main map North- and Baltic Sea (scale 1:2.150.000)

• Inset map Europe (scale 1:25.000.000)
 • Legende

• Index of all actual and historical Hanseatic cities

• brief chronology of  the Hanseatic League’s history

• City views by Frans Hogenberg

• Languages: German / Englisch • retail price € 12,00